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Hi, I need more football blogs to follow and I love your blog so I was wondering if you could recommend me some? Thank you! (: or if you have a blog roll? Sorry I'm on mobile and I can't see the links.

Aww thank you! And no problem I’m on my phone too at the moment so I’ll make a post and tag you!

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iker always lookin like hes holding something inside i bet after a few drinks hed be up there spilling the tea on everyone like how that one time during the world cup he saw pique spit in the coffee & watch while everyone drank it 

durm, ozil, ginter, mertesacker and kroos

Marry: mesut of course 💗 bc he’s the love of my life

Fuck: durm cuz hot DaMN HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE?!

Kiss: Kroos, he’s honestly so cute and sweet. So many he’ll take me to a nice restaurant buy me dinner and then drive me home and a sweet goodbye/thank you kiss in front of my apartment door

Cuddle: mertesacker, well beside the fact that he can make me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside, his long limps seems to be relevant for the cuddling

Get drunk with: ginter :D German beer hella